Danube Delta Culinary Delight Expedition

800 RON 5 days / 4 nights

30 June – 4 July 2019


  • Pass through the lipovan village Mila 23, in the heart of the Danube Delta
  • Visit the Caraorman Forest  where we find the oldest Oak tree in the Delta (over 400 years old)
  • Stay over night near local fishermen huts
  • Other important landmarks: Nebunu Lake, Isac Lake, The Great M

This kayaking expedition is our most sought-after tour in the Danube Delta. We developed this tour to capture most of the beauty, scenery and tastes, explore wild waterways, think less about paddling and more about adventure. 

Each branch of the Danube has it’s own hidden beauty. We start the adventure in the northern side of the Delta, towards Mila 23, then to Sulina Branch and further to the Caraorman village. In the last day we will reach St. Gheorghe branch.

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Get in touch via email, chat or WhatsApp


+40 724 534 389

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Live the excitement because every day there will be different landscapes and challenges.


We all know how good it feels to have a warm meal after a hard day of paddling. Each night we will have a different traditional dish to enjoy.


Sleep in the middle of the nature, near fishermen huts or on the dunes of Caraorman.






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Day 1: We meet in Tulcea at 9 o’clock near Hotel Delta, or as directed further, then we will go to the launching site, where we will have the basic training. We will have to take the cars to our arriving point, in Murighiol, about 40 km away.

At 14:00, at the latest, we’ll be on the water. We cross the main branch and go into the secondary channels in an enchanted forest, near the Long Lake. We’ll look for birds, and if we’re lucky, the pelicans will fly over us. Towards the evening, we get to the first camping,site – a fishermen’s settlement. Here, we will be waited with the traditional and delicious fish soup and fried fish. We will eat galore and there will be food even for breakfast.

Day 2: We’ll wake up early, and by 9 o’clock we should departure. It’s going to be a long day, but full of new adventures. 

Route: We pass by Nebunu Lake, enter the big Baclanesti, where we can find swans and pelican families. Then, we continue the paddle towards Sulina’s great M. At lunch time we stop at the GVU Party headquarters for a quick fish meal . After a day of adventure, we are being expected with yet another special surprise,only in Mila 23 we could find. 

Day 3: We will paddle on the Great M until Crisan Village, go upstream for about 1 km and then, straight to Caraorman Village where we will visit The Old Oak from Caraorman forest.

Day 4: We pass through a narrow hidden waterway to shortcut a chain of lakes and in the evening we will stop at an authentic fisherman, endowed with many stories of sailing and fishing.

Day 5: A short route, as in the first day, passing through Gorgova Lake and ending the adventure in Mahmudia. We’ll have just enough time for each of us to arrive home by the end of the evening.




  • Wooden kayaks and paddles
  • Safety equipment


  • 4 dinners with different specialties
  • 1 lunch at the GVU party headquarters
  • One night accommodation in Mila 23


  • Expert level guide
  • Entrance fee in the DD Reservation


* Not included: transfer from home to Tulcea / Murighiol, parking tickets, breakfast and lunch for all other days



The kayaks are made of wood and fiberglass, single, double or triple. They are all very stable. The triple is recommended for a family with a child (or instead of the child, we can put more equipment.
The maximum capacity in the wooden kayaks is 12 people. If the number of participants exceed, there will also be plastic kayaks.


  • Tent, sleeping bag, isoprene;
  • Seasonal clothes – sun hat, long clothes (not to burn in the sun), thicker evening / morning clothes, socks. It is preferable to avoid cotton because it can get wet and dry harder;
  • Shoes: crocs / sandals / neoprene shoes. There will be enough places with mud 
  • Fitness gloves / bicycle;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Raincoat;
  • Beach and anti-insect solutions;
  • Hat / hat
  • A bowl, cutlery (optional);
  • Water (minimum 2L / day). We can buy more in Mila23, on the second day;
  • Sweets for energizing;
  • Breakfast and lunch 
    * In other words, mountain equipment.


In the kayak, anyone and anything can get wet. I recommend that all luggage be put in waterproof bags or put in plastic bags (garbage bags). Do not take bulky bags. Small luggage sits much better in the luggage compartment than large ones. DO NOT take anything with you that you do not really need, you will NOT have room in the kayak for too many luggage.